Joining The Club

  1. Collect application form from club or download from here or by using the >> on the PDF above.
  2. Complete the form (with one ID size photo) and submit to club for consideration. Clubhouse is only open on weekends.
  3. After committee has met (second Monday of each month) you will be notified as to when you can present your ski with all safety equipment for inspection and Portnet registration.
  4. If all safety items are approved, ski being seaworthy and all due fees paid, a club sticker will be issued, which must be displayed at the back of the ski. A ski number will be allocated and you will be required to purchase sticker reflecting that ski number to be also displayed on the back of the ski.
  5. A membership access card will be provided as well the club constitution and various rules and procedures will be explained to you.
  6. You may now go fishing. Welcome aboard!