Registration Info for 2020

Our inspection & registration dates are the weekends of:

26 & 27 October 2019 08h00 to 14h00

02 November 2019 06h00 to 10h30. This has been changed because of the Rugby World Cup Final.

03 November 2019 08h00 to 14h00


The inspections will be held on the PWC premises at the Container next to the beach as we did last year.

We are requesting that you please pay via EFT into our bank account and bring proof of payment on the day. The reason for this is a security concern at the container where some shady characters are living in the pipes and we don’t want anything stolen.

Please check out the fees section for the banking details.

We would like to bring to your attention the following:

As it has been a problem at a few inspections previously we have taken an extract from our club constitution, which says;
“ under the authority of The Harbour Master, the club enforces a strict safety code of conduct. Flares, life jackets, 1st aid kits, anchors etc are carried at all times as well as operating a beach safety duty system for all the members, ensuring a 100% safety record throughout this club’s history”.

We would like to focus on the 1st point specifically, which is flares.
On all valid, in date flares, the expiry date CANNOT be before the date of the next inspection eg our inspection will be this month,ie10/2019, therefore the expiry date on the flare has to be 10/2020 or later. A flare dated 09/2020 will not be passed as it is 1 month out of date.
Please understand that SAMSA(South African Maritime Safety Authority)has made this ruling not the club,& even the Harbour Master himself has to follow the regulations of SAMSA(South African Maritime Safety Authority).
As a club, we are expected to follow the rules & regulations as well, so please ensure that your flares are “in date” for the inspection.
All the new flares are now dated & valid for 3 years as to the old flares, which only had a 1 year “life”span.