Update to all DSBC Members 04/09/2017


Dear All


We have had quite a bit of feedback from various members, and believe the time is ripe to set out the facts over numerous issues that need addressing.

We have purposely put this in condensed format.


A: The Temporary Site

1.      How much launch beach will there be once we move to the temporary premises? We will use from North pier to beyond our grass patch in the North.

2.      Will we be allowed to park our 4x4s plus trailer on the beach when launching from the Temporary Premises? —-YES

3.      How will we access the beach? The road runs on the harbour entrance side of the Pumping Station. The road is wide enough to accommodate vehicles passing one another.

4.      How many toilets? 4 ladies and 4 gents. Both ladies and gents will have 3 showers each. There will be 3 urinals in gents.


B: What will become of our Assets and Identity

1.      Will we lose our assets? No, but they will be blended in with DUC assets and any assets from other clubs etc, if the latter agree. These will be referred to as communal assets. Other assets such as tractors that are specific to our use will be cared for by us. The value of communal assets contributed by the respective clubs will be accounted for in their respective books, and their value will be shared amongst the PWC participants on an agreed basis.

2.      Will we retain our own identity and constitution? YES, each club as members of the PWC will retain their own identity under their own banner. Likewise each club will have its own banking arrangement. All boards showing the various achievers will continue. We will continue with Inter clubs, Ladies day, Junior Day, Over’s and Under’s i.e. Business as usual. 

3.      What will the PWC consist of? All communal assets—-that is those assets that will serve all the members interests. Kitchens, bars, staff, management etc will fall under this definition.

4.      How will the PWC be funded? Emanating from an agreed budget each club will pay a pro rata fee based on membership, to the PWC to manage the facility.


C: How will Watersports be managed?

1.      The managing authority is the DPWMA—-Durban Point Water Management Association. We will have a representative on this body.


D:Wash Bays

1.      Will there be a wash bay—–at the temporary premises there will be a tap and when we move to the permanent site a professional wash bay will be set up.


E: What will the Temporary Site look like and other questions?

1.      The temp site will face the harbour entrance and “clear view” fencing will be erected so the view can be enjoyed.

2.      The canvas tent that was positioned above the PYC will now be erected behind the temp building. This is approx 15 x 15 metres. The floor will be paved as will the area on the harbour side of the temp club house.

3.      There will be provision for a kiddie’s gym/play area.

4.      How long will we remain in the temp site? The maximum period is 2 years, but as soon as the main building under the promenade is ready we will begin our move to this area.

5.      What guarantees exist that we will not be in the temp site longer than 2 years? There are none. The contractors have performance contracts built into the tenders which should ensure that time targets are achieved.

6.      How much is the lease on the temp premises? —R100 plus vat per month. We pay for lights and water.

7.      What parking arrangements are provided for at temp site? Plenty of parking to the rear.


F: The Permanent Site

1.      What parking arrangements on main site. 142 parking bays provided for. This will be paid parking at around R10 per day. This will accumulate towards the PWC bank account. Any overflow will be accommodated at a public parking facility near by the main site— Paid parking as well, the rate is unknown at this stage.

2.      Where will trailers be parked at the main site? On the beach.

3.      How much beach front area will we have on main site? 180 metres right on the beach.

4.      Will we have a safety tower at the temp site and main site? A facility will be arranged details at this stage are being worked on.

5.      What about the transfer of liquor licences? This is being worked on.


G: Conclusion of Leases

1.      Both the temp and main leases have been signed.

2.      When do we expect to move from our current site to temp premises? We expect the temp site to be ready for occupation end September early October.

3.      What are the consequences of demanding to purchase the land that the developer will not sell? An expensive legal battle would result, with an outcome that would be uncertain.

4.      The lease arrangement on the main site is 15 years with another 10. This lease is the maximum that the City/Uem Sunrise would agree to. It is common practice. After 25 years the lease would have to be re-negotiated. The same applies to MSC who are developing the new passenger terminal.

5.      On the discussion point of purchase or lease even those in favour of purchase have commented that they do not expect to be able to buy the land, and only want to hang in with this position to get a better deal on the lease. If this route was followed, and after much legal interaction, what would be the outcome? —–you decide!

6.       The main lease is only R20 per square metre, an extra R13 per member per month—that is the price of 1 beer!



DSBC Committee


May 2018 Newsletter 


April 2018 Newsletter  

                                        March 2018 Update and News

Hi Everyone

Another month has flown past and we have had more and more members making use of the temporary facility and signing for their access cards. Sadly the fishing has still not been that great as we are still battling to find a calm day and when we do, there is not much around.  We have now formalised that a committee member and Claudette our secretary will be around on week end mornings from around 6 to 8 or thereabouts for any queries and assistance that may be needed.

Committee news

Some news from the committee is that Warren Green was voted in and accepted the position of Vice Chairman following the resignation of Mario and Anthony Coetzer agreed to join the committee to fill the one vacant post. At this stage the Chairman would like to thank the team, including Claudette, who have put in some long hours and helped to make the transition for this temporary period at the site relatively trouble free. The relationship that they have built up with the management team at the temporary site has made it very easy for members to feel welcome and to enjoy the facilities offered. Your committee now consists of Brent Slade, Anthony Coetzer, Warren Green, Shaun Slade, Andrew Mac, Peter Bosse, Gordon Banks, Subash and Ernie.


There are still some members that have not done ski inspections as yet and we are busy identifying them and will be contacting them shortly. I suggest that if you are one of them you may want to contact us first? It was never the intention of the club to become a “social” club and whilst we understand the circumstances of the move and the uncertainty around launching and facilities, you are expected to register a ski as per the constitution. Port Net discs are valid till the end of March and we are busy looking at acquiring the new 2018 discs, but are in the hands of the Port Net authorities and who knows when they will be ready – last year we only got them in May if I remember correctly. We will keep you updated in due course.

Thus far we have had only one incident where one of our (supposed) members have embarrassed us in utilising the facility. One chap, who later turned out to be an old member and not registered with us, somehow got in to the club one week-end and tried to launch a crocker with a small motor. Luckily he was prevented from launching by the safety officer on duty and has not been seen since. Please remember that you are expected to launch with all safety equipment and required licences and abide by our club rules as before. The committee will be doing spot checks now and then to ensure that we maintain the discipline we have always kept. Once again – a reminder that there is a register (ours) at the boom gate to sign in and out as well.

So a big thank you to all of you for keeping our club image clean and bright and behaving as we would have expected. Remember, if you have any issues at the site, please contact a committee member who will liaise accordingly to resolve.


The get together we promised has been set down for the 5th May and we will meet at the PYC braai/pool area. Details will follow soon but please save the date. The Ski Boat comp is coming up towards the end pf April and paddle skiers have been invited to fish the paddle ski section. If you do please remember our basic club rules apply in terms of launching, etc. There are some really good prizes on offer.


Of interest on the fishing side is that one of our members, Devan Kistnasami was approached by DAFF and informed that although he had not caught any Snapper, he needs to be aware that there are size and bag limit restrictions on them as they are “grouped” with Kob (Snapper Kob). He indicated a 40cm size limit and a bag of 5. We have looked into the matter with our member representative Lionel Bennett and DAFF and as far as the committee are concerned at this stage, this appears incorrect as the scientific name for Snapper (Genus – Otolithes Ruber) is not listed on the DAFF published list of species regulations. All other Kob belong to the genus Argyrosomus and both genera are part of the family Sciaenidae. So theoretically for them to “group” these two genera together is illogical. There are close to 100 other genera in the same family that are not “grouped”? We are waiting for further information from them. If the law has changed it should be promulgated and published somewhere?  If anyone can assist in this debate it would be most welcome.


The committee is in the process of modifying the ski beach trailers for connection to the small tractor (or even pulling by hand) which will assist those guys with crockers in launching. Apologies that it has taken so long but we are trying to ensure safety first and wish to ensure that it is completely safe if pulled by a tractor. Remember also please – only 4×4 allowed on the beach and not in the way of traffic to and from the water. There is a 15 ski trailer that will transport your long ski to and from the parking lot as well if you so wish.


Lastly, if you are reading this it means that we have got your email address correct. There are many members who change addresses and do not communicate same back to us. Please remember to advise us of any changes so that we can keep in touch. Claudette’s mail address is:

That’s it for now all and we hope the fishing improves soon as the weather settles.

Best regards





Hi everyone

Another windy month has come and gone but that did not stop the few die-hards and week-day guys from launching when there was a gap. Sadly not much in the way of fish other than the odd shad and mackerel.

A note on the launching rules and beach protocol was sent out recently and is copied herein.


Beach access for Vehicles

The responsibility of ensuring that the beach and launch site regulations and laws are observed at the Vetches launch site has been entrusted to the Durban Ski Boat Club (and hence PWC) by the Port Captain and the municipality. As such the club runs the risk of having this privilege removed if it allows the members to transgress the applicable laws and regulations.

It is illegal to have a vehicle on the beach unless it is involved in the launching of a watercraft. This means that that the club can only allow 4×4 vehicles on to the beach that have a boat trailer or a paddle craft (not a surf board) on board.

2 x 4 vehicles are not allowed through to the beach even if they have a boat trailer or paddle craft on board as we need to keep the access road clear for the boats and tractors.

If you have been accessing the beach to go fishing or set up camp on the beach for the day, this activity is not permitted by law. Please do not put the staff under pressure to let you through the boom to “just quickly to drop off the family and beach stuff”! The club has bought a small tractor and is having a “people mover” trailer built to help members get their stuff to the beach. We hope to have this operational during the second half of February.

Beach Etiquette

The boat launch site extends from the north harbour breakwater to Vetches reef which starts in front of the old DUC clubhouse. Boats are entitled to use the entire area to launch and bathing is not supposed to be permitted in a launch site for obvious safety reasons.

The club realises that this is not the reality and has signs up on the beach on the weekends that demarcate the launch site. Please do not set up beach camp, bathe or use surf boards etc. between the launch site signs. Always keep a look out for returning boats and kids that have inadvertently strayed into the launch site area.

All vehicles must be parked up against the construction fence once the watercraft have been launched. You can’t use your vehicle as a “beach base” or sound system and park anywhere you like on the beach. If you move further north up the beach, please do not go past the base of Vetches pier as no vehicles what so ever are allowed past this point unless on official business. Joy riding on the beach in any vehicle is strictly prohibited.

Boat Launching Procedures

There are two methods of launching a boat at the club. One is a self-launch where you use your own vehicle to take your boat to the beach and the other is the tractor launch. For self-launches, you go to the manual gate closest to the beach and before you go through the boom, let your tyres down, complete the launch register and do a radio check. Once this is done proceed straight to the beach. Do not stop on the road until you are beyond the pinch in the road between the construction fence and black pipes.

For tractor launches, you go the automatic boom and drop your boat off for the tractor to take to the beach for you. The queueing procedure for a tractor tow is to drop a golf ball with your boat number on the ball into the pipe supplied and the tractor driver will tow in the order that the balls are dropped. Launch register must be completed and radio checks done.

Respect other water sport users

Due it being the closest the club house, the tendency is for all the members to crowd into the beach area immediately adjacent to the north harbour breakwater. As such members are coming into conflict with one another when it comes to accessing the ocean for their respective water sports. We ask that we give each other due consideration, respect and space so that we can all enjoy what this unique beach has to offer.

We continue to sign up members for access cards and thanks to Claudette and Warren we are close to two thirds of our membership complete thus far. The members I have seen and chatted to at the site seem happy and relaxed. There will be a committee person available for chats or help on week-ends early morning. They can be found at the corner table on the lawn, closest to the beach access gate. Claudette has kindly offered to take over secretarial/admin duties and has thus far been most helpful. Her email address is

We have built up a good working relationship with Paul and his team there so if you have any issues at all whilst on site, please raise your concerns with the committee first, so that we can handle for you. They have also made a tractor available for pulling our trailers that Shaun is busy modifying. There is also a 15 ski trailer doing trips to and from the beach from the car park. Note also that there is now a pedestrian gate short cut to the beach and you no longer have to walk around the pumping station building. (Long ski’s fit through as well)


The reciprocity offered by PYC to our club will come under review at their year-end (May) and I expect that we will not get the same benefit as we currently enjoy, but I will keep you posted. For those of you who have taken up this offer and currently use the PYC facilities – enjoy. I will endeavour to try and retain this benefit.

We are also busy with a draft agreement between us and PYC in terms of the new club premises and lease/sub-lease issues, as well as proposals as how best to share the facility and the financial implications therein. We are being guided by Richard Pearton (one of our members) and will keep you updated in due course. We will let you have details of the promenade development and progress (if any) as soon as we have something that is not a rumour. Rumour has it that they are pushing for completion in 18 months. Seeing is believing…..In the meantime let’s make the best of what we have at the moment and hope the weather and fishing improves.

Social and get together

The committee is working on something and notice will be sent out soon for a day where we can all meet and enjoy a braai and beer or two whilst catching up. Hopefully we can find a good weather day. Looking forward to seeing you there.

We have also been invited to fish in the paddle ski section of the upcoming Easter tournament by the ski boat club and details of that will follow shortly.

Lastly, one of our members, Lionel Bennet sent me this mail which we think is worth sharing:

Dear Ernie

My name is Lionel Bennett and I am a member of DPSC.

I am a volunteer member of MCM, which is the Marine and Coastal Management dept. of DAFF.

There has been a lot of restructuring recently with respect to the monitoring and policing of our coastline with even further changes ahead.

This has created much confusion in the public mind re who to call when poaching and other illegal activities need to be reported.

Please don’t hesitate to call the poaching hotlines.

However, if any of DPSC members see anything please to contact me directly and I will be able to get the relevant officers to quickly respond and investigate.

Your friend in conservation

Lionel Bennett
cell: 073 022 3329
fax: 086 560 0699


That’s all for now – if you want to phone and chat about anything please don’t hesitate, else see you on the water.