4 March 2018

Just to let the Durban Paddle Ski members know that the next fishing competition is going to take place on the 4th March.


Down at our shared venue in conjunction with the Durban Ski Boat Club.

General Information

For those of you who do not know. You fish off a handicap, competing with ski bosts, jet skis and other paddle skis.. In other words you have just as much of a chance to win prizes as the ski boats ad jetskis. The paddle ski fishermen who fished in the last comp in January can verify this. Quite a few of them walked off with prizes. Besides winning prizes there are plenty of gift vouchers to be won as the competitions, are generally well sponsored.   Come down, have some fun and get to meet more people.


The cost of the competition is R100.00 per person to be paid on the day at the club.

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