Update to all DSBC Members 04/09/2017


Dear All


We have had quite a bit of feedback from various members, and believe the time is ripe to set out the facts over numerous issues that need addressing.

We have purposely put this in condensed format.


A: The Temporary Site

1.      How much launch beach will there be once we move to the temporary premises? We will use from North pier to beyond our grass patch in the North.

2.      Will we be allowed to park our 4x4s plus trailer on the beach when launching from the Temporary Premises? —-YES

3.      How will we access the beach? The road runs on the harbour entrance side of the Pumping Station. The road is wide enough to accommodate vehicles passing one another.

4.      How many toilets? 4 ladies and 4 gents. Both ladies and gents will have 3 showers each. There will be 3 urinals in gents.


B: What will become of our Assets and Identity

1.      Will we lose our assets? No, but they will be blended in with DUC assets and any assets from other clubs etc, if the latter agree. These will be referred to as communal assets. Other assets such as tractors that are specific to our use will be cared for by us. The value of communal assets contributed by the respective clubs will be accounted for in their respective books, and their value will be shared amongst the PWC participants on an agreed basis.

2.      Will we retain our own identity and constitution? YES, each club as members of the PWC will retain their own identity under their own banner. Likewise each club will have its own banking arrangement. All boards showing the various achievers will continue. We will continue with Inter clubs, Ladies day, Junior Day, Over’s and Under’s i.e. Business as usual. 

3.      What will the PWC consist of? All communal assets—-that is those assets that will serve all the members interests. Kitchens, bars, staff, management etc will fall under this definition.

4.      How will the PWC be funded? Emanating from an agreed budget each club will pay a pro rata fee based on membership, to the PWC to manage the facility.


C: How will Watersports be managed?

1.      The managing authority is the DPWMA—-Durban Point Water Management Association. We will have a representative on this body.


D:Wash Bays

1.      Will there be a wash bay—–at the temporary premises there will be a tap and when we move to the permanent site a professional wash bay will be set up.


E: What will the Temporary Site look like and other questions?

1.      The temp site will face the harbour entrance and “clear view” fencing will be erected so the view can be enjoyed.

2.      The canvas tent that was positioned above the PYC will now be erected behind the temp building. This is approx 15 x 15 metres. The floor will be paved as will the area on the harbour side of the temp club house.

3.      There will be provision for a kiddie’s gym/play area.

4.      How long will we remain in the temp site? The maximum period is 2 years, but as soon as the main building under the promenade is ready we will begin our move to this area.

5.      What guarantees exist that we will not be in the temp site longer than 2 years? There are none. The contractors have performance contracts built into the tenders which should ensure that time targets are achieved.

6.      How much is the lease on the temp premises? —R100 plus vat per month. We pay for lights and water.

7.      What parking arrangements are provided for at temp site? Plenty of parking to the rear.


F: The Permanent Site

1.      What parking arrangements on main site. 142 parking bays provided for. This will be paid parking at around R10 per day. This will accumulate towards the PWC bank account. Any overflow will be accommodated at a public parking facility near by the main site— Paid parking as well, the rate is unknown at this stage.

2.      Where will trailers be parked at the main site? On the beach.

3.      How much beach front area will we have on main site? 180 metres right on the beach.

4.      Will we have a safety tower at the temp site and main site? A facility will be arranged details at this stage are being worked on.

5.      What about the transfer of liquor licences? This is being worked on.


G: Conclusion of Leases

1.      Both the temp and main leases have been signed.

2.      When do we expect to move from our current site to temp premises? We expect the temp site to be ready for occupation end September early October.

3.      What are the consequences of demanding to purchase the land that the developer will not sell? An expensive legal battle would result, with an outcome that would be uncertain.

4.      The lease arrangement on the main site is 15 years with another 10. This lease is the maximum that the City/Uem Sunrise would agree to. It is common practice. After 25 years the lease would have to be re-negotiated. The same applies to MSC who are developing the new passenger terminal.

5.      On the discussion point of purchase or lease even those in favour of purchase have commented that they do not expect to be able to buy the land, and only want to hang in with this position to get a better deal on the lease. If this route was followed, and after much legal interaction, what would be the outcome? —–you decide!

6.       The main lease is only R20 per square metre, an extra R13 per member per month—that is the price of 1 beer!



DSBC Committee

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